Your rights at work


Workers have rights that are set out in the Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act. If you have problems at work, you can make a complaint to the Ministry of Labour, sue in court and/or file a human rights complaint:

  • You have basic rights in the workplace, including payment of unpaid wages, minimum wage, overtime pay, termination pay, vacations, emergency leave, breaks and other entitlements
  • You have human rights in the workplace, including the right to be free from discrimination and harassment
  • You have a right to enforce your rights by complaining to the Ministry of Labour without fear of reprisal
  • You may have a right to CPP-Disability if you are disabled during or shortly after you have been working
  • You may have a right to workers’ compensation (WSIB) if you are injured on the job
  • You may have right to employment insurance benefits (EI) if you lose your job

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