Going to a LTB hearing

Steps & forms

You may use these forms and instructions to help you with going to a LTB hearing. Visit your local legal clinic or contact the Landlord and Tenant Board ("LTB") to find out where to file the forms.


Before you go to your hearing, ask a legal clinic for advice

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Prepare your case for presentation to the Landlord and Tenant Board

Before attending your LTB hearing read and follow the instruction in this Tip Sheet for Tenants: Your Hearing At The Landlord and Tenant Board


Decide if it makes sense to settle your case with the help of a mediator

If you want to settle your dispute, read this Tip Sheet for Tenants: Mediation


If the landlord is making an application against you, decide if you also have a complaint

If you have a counter claim against your landlord for problems with the rental unit, read this tip sheet and follow the instructions for the using the forms below: How to Raise your Issues in Non-payment of Rent Applications

i. Tenant's Notice of Defence to Application for Eviction and/or Non-payment of Rent

ii. Tenant Application About Maintenance Form T6 | Instructions by LTB | Instructions by ACTO

iii. Application About Tenant Rights Form T2 | Instructions by LTB | Instructions by ACTO

TIP! - If you are asking for money as a remedy, the MAXIMUM amount the LTB can order your landlord to pay you is $25,000.


To find out how to get temporary eviction relief on compassionate grounds, read the tip sheet below:


Before you make any private deals with your landlord, read this tip sheet:


When you arrive at the Landlord and Tenant Board get help from duty counsel

Ask your community legal clinic about duty counsel at the Landlord and Tenant Board: Community Legal Clinic Locator
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To learn more, read Getting legal help: Community Legal Clinics in Ontario

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